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Digital control units for Signals

Various digital control units are available which have built in resistors. There should be no problem using these units but you are advised to use my supplied resistors in any case as the resistors in the units are generally only the minimum value to prevent damage. The LED resistor combination I supply has been carefully worked out to provide realistic colour, long LED life and crucially, balanced brightness between the colours. I can supply alternative resistors if needed to adjust brightness etc. Contact me if you need help.

Distant Versions

If you need distant versions just email me and I'll change the LEDs to your requirments.

Technical information

Most of the items on this site are in kit form for self assembly. They will contain small parts that require manual dexterity to complete. Many will require electrical knowledge and soldering skills.

Many of the products are unsuitable for children under 14.

If in any doubt please contact me before ordering.

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To change Chrome PDF setting, open Chrome and type in "chrome://settings/content" got to PDF section and switch off.

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