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New - Ground Signals

New - Ground Signals

A new range of O Gauge Colour Light Ground Signals to complement the Main Signal Kits launched previously. domain name is for sale

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New Junction Signal System

Building on the main signal kits launched earlier this year I have now launched a modular system for junction signals.

A Junction signal is made up from a new Junction Signal Post Kit to which is added a 2,3 or 4 Aspect Head Kit and a Route Indicator kit in either Position 1 or Position 4 giving a range of 6 variations.

The new post kit offers a choice of post fixings and barrier fence and a position light bracket.

The new Route Indicator features a one-piece housing with LED's pre-wired and a support bracket with the option of two different target boards, and a sunshade. The new route indicator can also be fitted directly to the heads of the 2/3/4 Aspect multi kit and retro-fitted to other existing signals and a jig is provided to mark the cable entry.

As before, assembly is straightforward and can be completed with adhesive. Only the wires and resistors will require soldering to the 12V DC supply and switches.