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<span style='color: #800000;'>Scale Signal Supply GWR-6</span>Scale Signal Supply GWR-6

Ref: SC-GWR-6

Scale Signal Supply GWR/6
7mm signal kit for O gauge.

Stop Signal with route indicator. The kit will produce a working model of what was once a common G.W.R. Signal, usually found at slow speed locations such as Station or Yard approaches

The most difficult part to construct is the slide housing, in this the difficulty is eliminated bv cast brass guides for the 3 slides. The construction is further simplified by a jig piece to align the parts for soldering.

Made by Scale Signal Supply of Bolton, Lancs.

Price: 34.00

<span style='color: #800000;'>GWR/BR 2-Disc ground signal</span>GWR/BR 2-Disc ground signal


Makes one signal

2 Lamps 2 Discs

Lost wax brass

Soldering skills required

Made by Scale Signal Supply of Bolton, Lancs.

(Normal retail price is £14.50)

Price: 13.00

Scale Signal Supply - 7mm signal kit details

Scale Signal Supply kits are a considerable advance on what has previously been available to the 7mm modeller. Extensive research has gone into the design and production to enable the modeller to produce a signal that has all the characteristics of the prototype. The kits contain all necessary parts to produce the model. Only solder, glue and paint are needed to complete. Full building and painting instructions are included.
Scale Signal Supply kits are not toys.
They contain small parts and are not suitable for children under 14